Geysercoin like a real geyser!

Works everywhere

Geysercoin is not tied to borders, country  or any bank system and can work anywhere in the world! 

Always available

Due to the decentralized system - GeyserCoin available at any time, regardless of time zones!

PoW change to PoS

The Proof of Work changes to the Proof of Stake every 10080 blocks and back! You choose the appropriate phase for mining!


Geysercoin uses cryptographic protection systems, this means that your money is always and everywhere will be safe!

Fast transactions

All transactions pass quickly thanks to flexible customization of complexity, regardless of the current phase of mining!

PoS 100%

Proof of stake gives 100% per annum - this is a good opportunity to invest in order to make a big profit!

Latest News

Geysercoin - a young but rapidly developing cryptocurrency!

Wallet update to wersion

29/09/2017 In this release, security protocols have been updated, and the design of the wallet has also been changed.

NovaExchange Closed soon!

Kindly note "Novaexchange" will have new owners and management effective April 2018.......

GeyserCoin added to vote list!

TradeSatoshi.com added GeyserCoin to the voting list! Vote with us!


GeyserCoin has its own development plan, and we are gradually making progress!

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