GeyserCoin is a new look at the PoW / PoS reward system!

A real geyser - GeyserCoin can be in one of two states in one ittotzhe period of time - calmness (PoW), when the geyser is gaining momentum to push the water mass up and eruption (PoS)!


The New System has allowed to exclude monopoly (the main holders of the money supply), which could reduce the rate of production at the PoS phase of mining at other participants!



GeyserCoin is a currency that is not dependent on the present banking system and has its own independent value. Unlike conventional currencies, central banks cannot create Geysercoin as it suits them. GeyserCoin has a fixed stock that supports the value of the currency and works against inflation.


GeyserCoin is independent of banks and other centralized entities. This prevents unrestrained printing of money, debasement of the currency, and inflation. There are different exchange rate regimes, but in most cases it is determined by market processes. Somewhere, the Central Banks intervene in the exchange rate a little more, somewhere a little less. In the case of crypto currency, the intervention in the course of the pic of the developer requires considerable investments and we are ready to go for it!



With GeyserCoin payments can be sent anywhere in a secure way. Transactions can be kept anonymous and user privacy is protected with yourself generated addresses. The transactions are kept in a public ledger that is shared between users without the need for a traditional bank.