GeyserCoin CryptoCurrency

GSR is a new look at the PoW/PoS reward system!

Started 18th May 2017 GSR Development team

About the GeyserCoin:

GSR does not have a standard approach to the PoW / PoS reward system - as a rule, when it finishes one of the mining types, it never returns, but GeyserCoin completely changed it! Proof of work changes on Proof of Stake every 10080 blocks and vice versa, which means that everyone will have the opportunity to get their coins, you just need to choose what type of mining is right for you! Happy Mining!


Algorithm: scrypt

Total coin supply: 4500000

Pre-mine: 300000 GSR ~ 6%

Coinbase maturity: 120 Blocks

Confirmations: 10 Blocks

Coinbase maturity: 120 Blocks

PoW reward: 3 coins reward per block

After block 100800 reward: 1.5 coins per block

After block 206640 reward: 0.75 conins per block

After block 208910 reward: 0.375 conins per block

After block 211680 reward: 0.1875 conins per block

(Started on 1-st block Transition to PoS after the next 10080 PoS blocks)  

PoS interest: 100% 

During phase PoW - PoS turns off 

(Transition to PoW after 10080 PoS blocks)

Minimum age of coin: 6 hours

RPC port: 10555

P2P port: 10556 





Each project requires attention and the right approach to development! It is very important to determine the boundaries of each stage. You are presented with a map of development and plans for the future for GeyserCoin!


1. Start GSR

Start of the project was planned before the official announcement on - was important for us to release a product that will function without problems and errors! As a result, you received a completely modified GeyserCoin wallet!

2. Creation official WebSite and Blockexplorer

Website and blockexplorer - the person of the project, so we paid much attention to this and we intend to evolve in this direction!

3. Creation Windows & Linux Wallet

Naturally, every crypto currency needs wallets! We compiled them for you! Download page.

4. Add GSR to the exchanges

The next stage is the addition of a coin to the exchange sites. Exchanges

5. Creation of pages in social networks

How can I expand my audience? it's very simple - we need pages in social networks! Join and watch the news!

6. Creation wallets for Android & IOs

For each cryptocurrency, it's important to use your finances to pay not only on computers or laptops, but also on mobile devices! Download.

7. Accepting as payments

GeyserCoin was created as a crypto currency, claiming its place in the world as a separate currency! We are developing options for cooperation with travel agents in the first place! If you have any suggestions for cooperation - please contact us!

GeyserCoin Team

The GeyserCoin project was developed by a team of developers from all over the world! We are not limited to one country, to thinking or subjective attitude towards any country! All project participants follow the development of crypto currency and study them for more than 3 years. This allows us to develop the project in full and large scale, which means that we will never stand still!

Support the project

You can support our project by talking about us on social networks! For us, this will be the best support, we want as many people as possible to know about Geysercoin!