Difficulty retarget every blocks on PoW and PoS!

Algorithm: scrypt

Total coin supply:4500000

Pre-mine:300000 GSR ~ 6% 

Coinbase maturity:120 Block


PoW revard:

Before block number 100800 3 coins reward per block
After block 100800 reward: 1.5 coins per block 
After block 201600 reward: 0.75 conins per block 

(Transition to PoS after the next 10080 blocks)

PoS interest:100%
During phase PoW - PoS turns off
(Transition to PoW after 10080 blocks)

Minimum age of coin: 6 hours

RPC port: 10555

P2P port: 10556


If you wallet not sync add this nodes:

addnode =

addnoge =